DHS 50ml glue

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DHS No.15 VOC-Free Glue (Latest Production Date) 50ml Water Glue for Table Tennis Racket Glue Ping Pong Water Glue

Satisfying New ITTF Regulation!

(All V.O.C Glue will be banned from Sep-2008 after the Olympic Game)


With 20 white sponge and 5 black brush(for applying glue)

100% V.O.C Free

500ml (can glue ~many of rubbers)

Country of origin: Made In China

Very clean to use

How To Usage:

Similar as the old glue.

1) Apply on back of sponge and the blade surface.

2) Wait ~15 minutes (or you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process) until the glue completely dry.

3) Stick the rubber onto the blade. Wash the sponge for reuse.