Dawei 388C-1 Med pips rubber

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Dawei 388C-1 Medium Pips-Out Table Tennis / Ping Pong Rubber.

Available only in 1.5 pips (pimples)

The features of Dawei Table Tennis Bats with 388C-1 Fast Pips Out Rubber:
High elasticity and speed , makes the ball run by dip trajectory and is hard to adapt for opponents.
Good for players of close to table play with speed and block on backhand and forehand attack.
Dawei 388C-1 is a medium pimples rubber with high elasticity and speed providing dip trajectory to the ball while suitable for the traditional attacking and blocking close range.

half long pips from Dawei. The features of Dawei table tennis bats with the rubber 388C-1  has high elasticity and the speed makes the ball dip down and is hard to adapt for opponents good for players of closest to table play with speed and block on backhand and forehand 

Type : Pimple-out
Speed: 7.2
spin 5.3
Control: 82
Effect: 71

half long medium long med pips China ping pong David Rodney MP

Tianjin Dawei 388c-1 Raw rubber table tennis  Rubber Ping-pong