Butterfly Super Anti rubber

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Butterfly rubber super Anti table tennis rubber

The anti-topspin rubber sheet. Due to the extremely smooth rubber surface, this rubber sheet has no problem with the opponents spin. Very suitable for the defensive player and the player now has a passive backhand. In the thicker version, this rubber sheet can also produce effective counter attacks.
Butterfly Super Anti is a special rubber that does not react the way most others do. In today's game, which is dominated by high tension rubber sheets that produce inordinate amounts of speed and spin, Super Anti is the outlier. This Butterfly rubber is designed to take all the sting out of your opponent's attacks and give them nothing to work with. Due to the nearly frictionless topsheet and soft sponge, Super Anti neutralizes your opponent's fast and spinny shots.
Anti Rubber To confuse Opponents.
Super Anti has an exceptionally low friction topsheet designed to produce a no-spin ball. Effective when used as part of a combination racket with rubbers of an offensive nature on the other side of the racket
Butterfly Super Anti spin rubber

Class: Specialty
Surface: Inverted
Style: Anti-Spin Rubber
Speed: 40
Spin: 30
Hardness: 25

Butterfly product code 05030 Rubbers inverted Rodney Rubbers Anti table tennis.
Anti spin