729 Friendship Very 8 table tennis racket bat

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729 friendship Very 8 bat

table tennis racket premade with a crystal carbon blade

only has a gold case atm, 

729 Very 8 Star Crystal carbon bat allows play with high level of spin.

Rubbers:  729 40-5 red rubber and 729-5 black rubber both with 2.1 mm sponge.         

Item specifics


  • Brand Name:729
  • Rubber: Pimples In
  • Blade Full Wood Plus 2 Carbon Fiber
  • Baseboard Layer Number:7
  • Weight: Heavy Tip Light Handle (Offensive)
  • Size:160*152mm

729 Friendship VERY 8 Table Tennis Racket                                                                               nice gift                                                                                                 

 From Official
Type  fast attack
Material  Wood +Carbon
Sponge Thickness  2.1mm(average)

729 40-5 red rubber and 729-5 black rubber

smooth rubbers both sides

Performance   Speed :9 Spin: 9.5

 729 sports apparatus of Tianjin develop Ltd

Tianjin 729 Sports Equipment Co. Ltd. 729 Friendship Table tennis rubber ritc Rodney R.I.T.C developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute of China Rodney Rubbers inverted table tennis 729