729 Friendship Original Water-solubility voc free glue 100mls

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729 Glue VOC free 100mls


Meet New International Regulations

High adhesion inorganic glue

- VOC Free
No harmful volatile organic compounds

Product Parameter
Brand: 729 Friendship
Product: Water-soluble inorganic bond
Volume: 100ml
Ingredients: High purity inorganic solution
Use: Bonding table tennis rubbers and blades
Pack: Original
Instructions for use
1. Shake the glue well before use.
2. Brush evenly in the same direction when applying.
3. Brush this product 2 to 3 times on the rubber and blade first, and blow dry quickly with hot air; brush this product once more and bond.
- This product should be placed in a dry and cool place to avoid high temperature.
- The cap should be tightened promptly after use to reduce contact with air.
- Shelf life is 3 months after opening the cap.

Professional Bond for Table Tennis Racket

VOC free, water-solubility, safety

- Easy film forming
- Increase flexibility
- Easy to operate
- Easy to bond
- Delicate and smooth

High Adhesion
No harmful volatile organic compounds

729 Friendship Original Water-solubility Bond for Table Tennis Rubber Glue VOC Free Professional Inorganic Ping Pong Glue Bond