729 Derwind Stolz rubber

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729 Derwind Stolz table tennis rubber

DERWIND STOLZ rubber Stolz (Backhand fast attack/loop) ittf number 164-001
Introduce:According to DERWIND, this modern offensive rubber was specially made for the backhand side. Nevertheless, the Stolz can also be used on the forehand side. In any case, the Stolz is the astounding result of a cooperation of two rubber specialists. While the Rayhe, which is also available, has a harder and very open-pored sponge, the Stolz features a slightly softer, 40° sponge which is a little bit more compact and not as open-pored as the Rayhe.
In combination with the thin topsheet, the Stolz is ideally suited for the plastic ball. The Stolz’s special construction offsets any loss of speed and spin. Due to its slightly softer sponge, the rubber is indeed optimally suited for the backhand side, which for many players is the more passive side. Speed is sufficiently high, but control does not fall short either. Despite its soft sponge, the rubber provides a surprisingly compact and dynamic feel, and the catapult effect is not too high.

STOLZ is specifically designed for the backhand .It is made of solid, high density sponge with medium-sized pores combined with a high friction top sheet.
DERWIND is a child brand of 729 company. A product combinated with both 729 rubber experts and German technology (ESN). Designed for 40+ balls.

Characteristics: Non-sticky Rubber + Tension Sponge
Speed: 111
Spin: 75
Control: 108
Hardness: 40
Thickness: 2.1mm
Color: Red or Black
Designed for 40+ balls
Made in Germany.

Approval Code 164-001

Tianjin 729 Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd. 729 Friendship Table tennis rubber ritc Rodney R.I.T.C developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute of China Rodney Rubbers inverted table tennis 729 DERWIND (729 Germany) RAYHE / STOLZ (For 40+, Made in Germany) Ping Pong Sponge