729 Black Carbon Blade

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729 Friendship Black Carbon Blade 3 plywood 2 carbon

729 black carbon Table Tennis Racket King Black Carbon             

Friendship 729 BLACK SOFT CARBON Table Tennis Blade Black Carbon

This model uses fine and smooth material, and creates obvious slingshot effect.

It has a crisp hitting feeling.

Structure: Spruce + 3K Soft Carbon + Tungwood + 3K Soft Carbon + Spruce

Type: Offensive, Weight 88 gm                                         
Structure: 3 plywood+2 soft carbon
Spruce+3k soft carbon+candlenut core+3k soft carbon+spruce
Playing Style: OFF+
Play Style: Burst Attack with Arc
Weight: FL 92 ±3g, CS 88 ±3g
Thickness: 7.0 ±0.2mm
Handle Type: Flared only
Feature: Well made with premium wood, fast rebound and powerful strength, it has clear impact hand feel and balance control, suitable for burst attack with arc.      

Base plate: 3 wood 2 carbon
Introduction: Piano soundboard-quality spruce wood with carbon fibers knitted in a cross-weave pattern strengthens the stiffness and throughput of the board body, perfectly combining strong batting and super stability
 From Official
Type  Quick attack with Loop
Material  3ply Wood + 2ply Carbon
Hardness   6+-0.2mm(average)
Weight   90+-3g