PongBot Omni Pro robot , no legs and no remote

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Pongbot Omni Pro robot, no legs it does have a catchnet, and no remote (use phone)

Pongbot OMNI Table Tennis Robot V1.0 future mind

OMNI Table Tennis Serve Machine Intelligent Professional Programming Automatic Ping Pong Serve Robot Trainer Machine, pong bot

comes with the catch net and 100 balls, can view in shop

Only in Chinese language use phone app to operate.

Ball serving method double-wheel drive L&R swing function automatic, continuous
Ball loading method rubber wheel horizontal upward loading L&R swing range 44°-22~22°
Frequency 30~90 balls/minute, 11 levels in total Up and down adjustment range 60°-20~40°
Double bounce support, switchable between single and double bounce Up and down adjustment function automatic, continuous
Ball speed 2~15m/s, 21levels in total Side spin adjustment range 135°0°~135°
Product packaging size 495*460*985mm Communication method Bluetooth/WIFI
Rated voltage DC24V Net weight 7 kg
System Android/IOS Gross weight 10 kg
Installation location the robot and the recovery net are installed together in the middle of
the table baseline
Product accessories adapter (AC100-240,50/60HZ),
ping-pong ball/recovery net



Shanghai Future Mind Co., Ltd. founded in 2019, an AI enterprise committed to providing.
Pongbot brand efficient, stable, reliable and practical intelligent table tennis robot solutions for global market. It has a high-level, well-educated young R&D team with strong.
development capabilities in professional sports technical fields, such as AI core algorithms,
robot control and human-machine interaction.
As a strategic partner of China Table Tennis College and Qualcomm, Future Mind provides
more professional and AI table tennis solutions to the world. Intelligent product devices
and scenarios mainly include table tennis serving robots, table tennis trajectory analysis
systems and smart education solutions. It has launched an intelligent platform that combines professional software and hardware such as object high-speed motion dynamic
capture and human posture recognition. Currently, these technologies and products are
applied to the field of table tennis, providing a comprehensive intelligent solution that
combines software and hardware for intelligent systems in professional table tennis
training and entertainment scenes. It also launched a smart classroom solution for primary
and secondary schools in 2021 China market to assist in the transformation of sports
teaching with technology.
Through manufacture good products, rich marketing and sales experience, and perfect QC
and after-sales service system, Future Mind will continue to provide more efficient,
professional and complete intelligent table tennis solutions.In the future, our technology
will be widely used in various market fields such as sports teaching, sports training, event
innovation and somatosensory games.
Our goal is to bring innovation to the sport and increase mainstream interest, participation
and recognition of table tennis in China market and around the world