Yinhe N-10 allround Blade

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Yinhe N-10s allround table tennis Blade
Galaxy N-10s (Wooden) Table Tennis / Ping Pong Blade 5 Ply Wood
An all wood series that covers the range of common table tennis wood selection in 5 and 7 ply builds. For newer players, the low prices provides a good entry into club quality products, while for wood blade lovers the range of wood types lets you find a blade made with your favorite wood.


Type: Allround +
Speed: 8+
Control: 6+
Construction: 5 Ply Wood
Thickness: about 6.8mm
Weight: about: 79g - 83g
Handle: Blue/red(Shakehand-Flared)

Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting rubbers to the ITTF
Galaxy N10 pure wood table tennis racket Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way ping pong n10 n10s n ten Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Blades (Bat without rubber) SH
Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat covers, rucksacks, clothes and shoes, glues, blades, bats, rubbers, tables and nets Blades (Bat without rubber)