Stiga Infinity VPS V blade

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Stiga Infinity VPS V Table Tennis Blade

The Infinity VPS V - with Diamond Touch is a lightweight 5-ply offensive blade built around two hand-selected middle veneers that are special temperature treated (VPS-technology). This gives the blade a unique stability and the Infinity VPS V is ideal for offensive players who demands good speed combined with control. The final finish by the Diamond Touch technology gives the outer surface extra hardness and an incredibly smooth finish,
Infinity VPS V It offers the possibility to learn important elements in modern games today.
With an aggressive receive, it helps to prevail in the early stages of the game,
Powerful, aggressive top spins (drives) are enabled continuously.
very popular Lightweight 5-ply offensive blade
Special temperature treated middle veneers (VPS) gives great stability
Surface with extra hardness and smooth finish thanks to the Diamond Touch technology. Built to suite today's modern game: aggressive receives and powerful topspin shots
Developed in close collaboration with the Chinese National Team.
One of the most popular blades in the modern table tennis era

  • Used by Fan Zhendong
  • Elasticity Stiff
  • Material Wood
  • Style Off
  • Technologies VPS, Diamond Touch
  • Veneer 5
  • Control 70
  • Speed 100

Rodney INFINITY VPS V  with new VPS technology and diamond finish 

The classic Swedish table tennis company with both hobby and professional products. In 1944, STIGA started its production of table tennis products and is today established as one of the world's largest brands of table tennis. STIGA