Yinhe Carbon 988 J pen blade

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Yinhe Carbon 988 J pen blade

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inhe or Galaxy as most people know them have been making quality blades for a long time. 
Yinhe Japanese pengrip Carbon Blade, This Blade has Cork and a Black Coating on the Rear side. So you only need 1 x red rubber with this blade. 
The High Grade Carbon, give this blade a Huge Sweet Spot. This Blade weighs just 86 grams. Is Manufactured to Yinhe's high Standard, using 2 Carbon Layers & 5 Plywood Layers. In Total 7 Ply. 
The Manufacturer rates this Blade as FAST. 
Thickness: 7.0mm Plies: 5 + 2 (Carbon)Galaxy 988(Carbon) FAST-ATTACK Type
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quick attack

Thickness: 7.0mm 
Weight: 86g 
Ply:2-Carbon, 5-Plywood