Yasaka Sweden classic 5ply blade penhold

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Yasaka Sweden Classic blade

Sweden Classic table tennis blade

SWEDEN CLASSIC from Yasaka is a blade that has has unsurpassed ball feeling and superb control which gives a perfect blade for players that can mix technical attack near the table and top spin play short distance from the table. 5 wooden veneers. Produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden.


Sweet spot = hitting area with maximum control

Handle Shape : C pen Chinese pen hold c/pen
5 wooden veneers.
Sweet-spot : Medium
Speed: 7
Control: 9

YASAKA Co. Ltd. was founded by Mr Hirosi Yaoita and Mr Sakamoto who gave the name of the company (YAoita + SAKAmoto). Mr Yaoita was a table tennis player and his aim was to offer table tennis players products with high technical quality and superior performance.