Yinhe T-1 Carbon blade

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Yinhe T-1 Carbon blade very fast

This blade is supposed to be a substitute for the Butterfly Schlager Carbon blade, which is one of the most popular and fastest blades in the world! It?s a 3-ply wood + 2-ply carbon, and it really looks similar in construction to the schlager blade. The outer layer and woven carbon layers are quite thin, but it has one quite thick inner layers. This blade really feels BLAZINGLY fast, and would no doubt be rated near the top of the OFF+ scale!

2-carbon, 3-plywood
offensive+ (fast)

Galaxy T-1(Juniper & Carbon blade)
Yinhe milky way
Handle: FL flared shakehand
Galaxy / Milky Way / Yinhe T-1s[T1]T1s carbon professional Table Tennis Blade for PingPong Racket for 40+ new material balls