Yinhe T-9 Pro blade

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Yinhe / Galaxy T-9 Pro table tennis blade

New Design The Soul of Juniper T Series
Galaxy T-9 pro is a two speed type blade. It has a balsa core and has a carbon layer on the fast side. The slow side is for chopping. T-9 is ideal for players who prefer the feeling and the control of the balsa cored blades and the fast attack of blades like T-11+. bit carbon only one one side
Milkyway blades are suitable for every player. They combine European and Asian style with modern blade-manufacturing techniques. Galaxy use high quality wood only. Their blades have strong spin and powerful attack and ensure better control.

bigger handle as thick plies
Speed : 9+/ 8
Control : 8/8
Weight : 72 +/- 2g
Head Thickness : 9mm
Plies : 5 (wood) + 1 (carbon)

Rating: OFF to OFF+
The Soul of Juniper T9 Series

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way ping pong T9 pro T-9 T9s professional Rodney Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat covers, rucksacks, clothes and shoes, glues, blades, bats, rubbers, tables and nets Blades (Bat without rubber) SH