Yinhe Single bat case

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Yinhe Single bat case Calabash

Yinhe Padded Bat cover,case cases
with Pocket added Bat cover for one bat, with pocket for 3 balls or money.
Yinhe bat case available in 3 different colours
holds 3 table tennis balls
Good material, with a small bag to storage balls.
zip goes to bottom not like the old types
Yinhe Racket Table tennis bag No# 8013 single deck Pingpong table tennis bat/paddle cover
comes in lime green ,Gray or blue
The single case features:

  • A strap handle for easy carrying. 
  • A nice durable zipper with leash for easy open and close. 
  • And and inner pocket with strap. 
  • Fits one table tennis racket 
  • We recommend that you always be kind to your bat give it a good home so that it can sleep comfortably when it is not working for you!
  • Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way 3 ball pouch

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way white glue Rodney voc free, ping pong
Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat covers, rucksacks, clothes and shoes, glues, blades, bats, rubbers,tables and nets product number No 8013 table tennis Accessories Bat cases