Yinhe Qing long pimple rubber

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Yinhe Qing long pimple rubber

Defensive pimples YINHE Qing have been especially created for a modern defender and allow playing very versatile game, effectively combining defensive and offensive technical components.
Long pimples YINHE Qing are not only safe in defensive game using chops and blocks, but also it shine in aggressive offensive game.
A famous national table tennis player Chen Qing took part in a development of this rubber. Chen Qing is famous for her twiddling style of game.

Yinhe Qing 0.5mm Normal (Long Pips Out) Table Tennis rubber is an excellent long pips rubber for the backhand. It offers control and good offensive play, particularly on chopped balls.
We have
red or black in .5mm sponge

Yinhe Milky Way Qing Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubber
ping pong Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way official Rodney

product number # 9045 -s Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting rubbers to the ITTF.

ITTF Approval Code 49-010 product code 9045