Yinhe Net small clamp

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Yinhe Net small clamp 

good clamp net will fit all standard tables

 Table Tennis Net Ping Pong Net Clamp Stand Set Indoor Sports Game Accessories High quality material, durable  Color: Navy Blue(as pictures show) Package 

1 * Table Tennis Net set 

Galaxy table tennis table tennis dedicated grid universal-1804 professional table tennis net grid 1902 net

Galaxy table tennis table tennis dedicated grid universal-Model No# 1804 professional table tennis net 

Yinhe Net set clamp support and net well made . Sturdy fasteners and quick installation due to the use of Clip system. Special rubberized pads to protect the table from damage.
The perfect value for money.

Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment, tables and nets Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way Table Tennis Table Accessories product number 1804 1902 Rodney