Yinhe Jupiter 11 rubber

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Yinhe Jupiter 11 table tennis rubber 9025

Yinhe galaxy milky way table tennis rubber
Yinhe / Galaxy Jupiter 2
Jupiter 2 -the power rubber - the foundation of a powerful forehand game.
Jupiter 2 is Yinhe latest power rubber. Pairing with a specially designed tacky top-sheet, this rubber will help you win the race with power and spin. The sponge of Jupiter 2 is medium soft and helps create outstanding spin.
One of the best forehand rubbers from Yinhe.
YINHE Galaxy JUPITER 2 II (Sticky, Attack & Loop, Factory tuned) Table Tennis Rubber with Sponge Pips-in Ping Pong

Speed : 12
Spin : 9
Control : 9
Sponge hardness : 38 degree
Sponge thickness : 2.2 mm

Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting table tennis rubbers to the ITTF number # 9025
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