Yinhe Huichuan 3 star 40+ plastic balls (10 pack color ORANGE)

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Orange Plastic 3* table tennis balls

Yinhe Huichuan 3 star 40+ plastic balls (box/10, color: ORANGE) 10pack

These are 3* orange colour plastic balls, made from ABS plastic, which is the latest material used for plastic balls in 2017. Although these balls are NOT ITTF approved (not yet anyway), they are of 3* quality, so are suitable for local or more casual competition that do not demand ITTF approved balls. The fact that they're not ITTF approved is also why these balls are cheaper.

Orange competition balls can be much more suitable for venues that have white floors or wall, which can make white balls very hard to see. Comes in a box of 10.


  • Type: Seamed
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Made in China
  • Box/10
  • ORANGE colour