Yinhe CN 2 Children wood blade

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Yinhe CN.2 table tennis blade allround
Original Galaxy Yinhe pure wood CN 2 (CN2, CN-2) table tennis blade for children beginner all round table tennis rackets
price is for 1 blade
shake hand smaller flared handle and lighter
Developed for a table tennis champion in training, which is why its suited to Children. The handle is thinner but not shorter, than an average shakehand handle.

75g Weight
6.4mm + 0.2mm Thick
All round blade
Flared handle
Shakehand grip ONLY (Long handle, thinner than normal)

Yinhe Galaxy Milky Way ping pong cn-2 cn2 Rodney Yinhe produce all kinds of table tennis equipment,  Blades (Bat without rubber) SH fl