Y&T V-981 Table Tennis robot

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Y&T V-981 Table Tennis robot Y & T

Works 40+ (poly) balls.
What's included:
Free 100 training balls - 40+provided
Free ball catcher to pick up balls from the floor
Warranty: 2 Years limited
Ball spin: 8 different spins
Server Frequency: 25-80 balls/min
Server speed: 3-30m/sec
Serve style: From fixed point to 2 points on 3/4 table area
Serve loop: 40degrees adjustable radian.
Power supply with voltage that matches shipping country.
Total Weight: 13.40 Kg
Net Weight: 5.40 Kg
Package Measurement: 80 x 37 x 37.5cm
Machine body measurement: 31.5 x 21.5 x 58.5cm

How is the robot different from cheaper robots?
Y&T 981 is made out of metal, inside and out, as opposed to cheaper models made of plastic. Y&T models rarely break.
FAQ: Can it do no-spin balls?
The 981 can do "no-spin", however you must first have the ball make two bounces. One bounce on the first side, and another bounce over the net.
FAQ: Can it shoot out balls in random directions?
No, there is no random button.

Model V-981 Y&T Table Tennis Robot V-9 pitching machine serving robot Y & T, Y and T Rodney Table Tennis Robots