Y&T B5 table tennis robot

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B5 is different to the B3 as better for the new ball and includes digital display for speed and frequency

B5 table tennis robot specially designed for table tennis beginner and children. Speed and frequency setting can be accomplished on the remote control or control panel of machine, convenient and flexible. And added the digital display for the speed and frequency level. It's clearly visible to the users.

comes with catchnet and 100 balls

Works with both celluloid and 40+ (poly) balls.

table tennis robot, serving machine

What's included:

 100 40+ balls

1 net collection net full width

 Warranty: 1 Year.


just note some other robot types will become obsolete if they cannot take the new balls


Total Weight: 9 lbs

Net Weight: 6 lbs

Package Measurement: 34.5x29x49cm

Machine body measurement: 30x24x53cm


Robot functions:

 3 different spins - topspin, backspin, no-spin

 28-80 balls/min

 3-28 m/sec

 Changes direction to shoot balls at multiple points: from single point to two points on 3/4 table area (four levels setting)

 Adjustable range of about 20cm