Xiom Omega V Asia rubber

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Xiom rubber Omega V Asia table Tennis rubber
Xiom has always been known for providing the table tennis world with some of the highest quality rubber in the post speed glue era. Now, using the latest in rubber making technology, OMEGA V has been brought into the fold. OMEGA V Asia is geared towards attackers who emphasize hard loop drives and tight counterloops, yet want the ability to play a controlled short game. The elastic topsheet and harder sponge make this rubber a top choice for professional level close and mid distance play.
Thanks to the higher friction you can also catch the ball at the extreme angle, which is truly a professional advantage. Get ready and Win with us !
Strategy: mix to aggressive
Distance from table: close to mid
Expertise: pro to tour
Speed: high to very high (average impact, hard impact)
Spin: very high (soft contact, solid contact)
Precision: high to very high
Hardness: hard

Xiom Omega V Asia Rubber  Rodney Rubbers inverted table tennis 

The roots of Xiom go back to 1976 where it was founded under the name Champion Limited Corporation. The company originally focused on making table tennis tables for the Korean market. In 2007 the new brand “Xiom” was launched Blades (Bat without rubber) FL SH Rodney XIOM champion Korea