Xiom Jekyll & Hyde H52.5 Rubber

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Xiom Jekyll & Hyde H52.5 Rubber

Sponge: Black

Hardness: 52.5

Made in Germany

A mass production project for the national team players

It reproduces the characteristics of a unique Chinese rubber that holds the ball stongly through a carbo sponge. This creates a ball trajectory that is advantageous for the attack. A technology that two elements could not coexist with each other to coexist was applied, and an aggressive rubber of a new paradigm was created under the name "H", symbolizing hybrid.

Power and stability. Perfect top seat The secret of the H52.5's
high performance lies in the structure of the top seat. First of all, the volume of the top seat surface has been increased to a wall thickness (over 0.2 mm).
This thickness and mass provides a powerful force when the rubber comes into contact with the ball, improving the repulsive and rotational forces. This design is based on the application of Newton's law of motion (F = m × a / The force F applied to an object is obtained as the product of mass m and acceleration a).
At the same time, the lower layer of the top sheet has a wide grain spacing, and the grain itself is designed to be short, so that the overall weight of the rubber does not become heavy. This creates the unique characteristic of H52.5: "Although it is powerful, the feeling of hitting the ball is light".
In addition, the adhesive force on the top sheet surface is controlled sparingly. Without inhibiting the virtues of the German-made tension rubber in terms of momentum and acceleration, only the advantages of the Chinese-made adhesive rubber to catch the ball were successfully extracted and applied, completing the perfect top seat.