Tuttle Temptation carbon blade

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Tuttle Temptation carbon table tennis blade
Temptation is the pearl among the new Tuttle blades. This is high-end blade for aggressive players. As all Hinoki blades this blade has outstanding feeling for tha ball. Temptation has also extraordinary speed due to the 2 carbon layers. Exceptional ratio price/quality.
Tuttle Temptation World grade blades
Temptation is designed for the players that want to dominate the game from the first serve to last point.

Type:Offensive +
Control: 8-
PLY: 7 (3 plies quantum corewood + 2 plies Carbon + 2 plies Hinoki outer layers )
Handle:FL flared handle
Weight : appr. 85g
Head Thickness : 5.7mm
Thickness: 5.7 mm

Made in China 
Kokutaku tulpe Blutenkirsche tuttle tulip  Rodney's table tennis Blades                (Bat without rubber) SH shakehand 

Germany Tuttle Quantum wood core table tennis bat temptation  carbon flared