Tuttle Century 7ply Technical Carbon blade

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Tuttle Century 7ply Technical Carbon blade

Tuttle Century 2 Table Tennis Blade - 2 Ply Limba / 2 Ply Pinus / 2 Ply Technical Carbon and 1 Ply Kiri Corewood

Have you been using a Premade bat, and want to upgrade to a High quality nicely balanced Carbon bat. This blade is a 7 ply construction and is rated for the player that plays more of an offensive game, it has been built with Limba outer layers, and Technical Carbon for the extra feeling and Speed.
Tuttle International only uses the highest quality woods for the manufacture of all its blades

Century is a fast offensive blade with innovative design. Century has extraorinary power and speed. This blade is suitable for modern offensive game that seeks to finish on third ball.

 Exceptional ratio price/quality. 

Century is designed for the offensive player that will that will go topspin from both wings from middle distance from the table.

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