Tuttle Autumn 3D long Pimples

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Tuttle / Autumn 3D OX No sponge

Long pimples TUTTLE Autumn 3D realize a new strategy of defensive play.

They allow playing not only in defensive style, but also gives a possibility for offensive play. This can be very dangerous for your opponent. Attacking strokes from TUTTLE Autumn 3D are very difficult for receiving, the ball is shaking and has a low trajectory.

The pimples TUTTLE Autumn 3D also provides a perfect disruptive effect and they return a great amount of spin to your rival.

Autumun 3D is the new long pips rubber by Tuttle, that has very good control and reversal effects on the ball.. The new structure of the pips strenghts the rubbers and augments it`s longevity.

Speed : 8

Spin : 5

Control : 9

 tuple Blutenkirsche tuttle tullip tulip Ittf  Approval Code 96-008