TSP Spinpips Red rubber

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TSP Spinpips Red Short Pimple table tennis rubber

TSP Spinpips Red is the softer and faster Spinpips version with built-in Dynamic Tension Technology. The very lightweight offensive sponge produces unique catapult effect and tons of speed. The proven Spinpips pips-out geometry delivers great spin and will give your opponents a hard time. The red high-performance sponge of Spinpips Red is softer and faster than the sponge of Spinpips Blue.
The classic rubber in a new style! Here comes the Tension version of the legendary TSP super spinpips, which already lead to many major international titles.
Spinpips RED Spinpips RED is equipped with a very elastic sponge, which is perfectly optimized to the needs of pimples out players.
  • Style: quick attack
  • Speed: 13.00
  • Spin: 8.25
  • Control 7.5
  • Made in Japan
  • Tacky : No
  • Hardness: 40+/-3 degree
TSP Spinpips RED (made in Japan) short pimples SP
larc number 76-018