TSP Curl P1R long pimple rubber

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TSP Curl P1R long pimple rubber

One of the most famous and most used long pins in the world. Used by legend Joo Sae Hyuk !! Perfect for modern defensive play. 

TSP Curl P1R The classic TSP long pimple rubber; the thin pimples are made of soft rubber which are capable of producing the most dangerous defensive strokes. Unlike frictionless rubbers, Curl P1 R gives players the chance of bringing in their own chop and float variations. Ideal for classic defensive style players. Available in 1.0~1.3mm 

The Curl P1 R is one of the most famous long pimple rubbers in the world. Many world-class players are using Curl P1 R for a modern defensive game. Rubber is not easy to play. But for players who can handle this rubber is perfect for playing. 

Effect: 68 
Speed: 42 
Control: 70 

P-R-1 long pips LP chopping defender defence chop block