Tibhar SK HYBRID AC Shang Kun Blade

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Tibhar SK HYBRID AC Blade


The Hybrid AC fibers placed directly on the inner veneer provide the necessary stability with almost unlimited variability. The difference to Shang Kun ZC is that the ball contact is more intensive and also longer. This opens up more possibilities and is therefore ideal for the flexible attacking player.

Due to the Hybrid AC layers above the inner veneer, it is somewhat stiffer and more stable than solid
wood. Nevertheless, the SK Hybrid AC has a pleasant ball attack and good feedback, as you only know it from solid woods. This allows for a flexible, safe and precise rebound/setback play. Together with the dynamics and the ingenious spin transmission in the ball meeting point, the wood promotes your variability in the offensive game immensely. Because a varied topspin game from every position succeeds enormously well with this wood. It can either be pulled on or countered with a lot of rotation or with hard, directly played shots a successful conclusion of the ball exchange can be forced. Due to the relatively large sweet spot of the Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC, you will be able to significantly increase your hit rate in attack.

    • high-quality, 80-90 grams heavy wood
    • above-average build quality
    • Outstanding rotation transfer
  • between solid and carbon wood