Tibhar rubber cleaner

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Tibhar Voc-free Cleaner 100ml
table tennis rubber cleaner with sponge on top

VOC-free. The regular use of TIBHAR rubber cleaner increases the life expectancy of your rubber. After each cleaning dust and perspiration are removed gently from the rubber surface, keeping the adherence of your rubber intact. For the protection of the rubber surface we recommend to use both the rubber cleaner TIBHAR
Ever popular cleaner with integral sponge, with anti-static action
Economic and easy to use,VOC free,
Perfect for any local Interclub or tournament player due to its compact size.
We recommend using a cleaning sponge and then applying two rubber protector sheets when you have finished cleaning the rubber
Made in Germany
Tibhar Belag Reiniger 100 ml
Cleaners and Glues table tennis Accessories and Rodney's table tennis