Stiga Energy Wood JP blade

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Stiga Energy Wood JP WRB blade


The Japanese version of the Stiga Energy Wood blade with burned JTTAA mark  Master handle 102.3x24.75/34 mm . Made in Sweden.

JP = Japanese

 The Stiga Energy Wood is a lightweight ALL+ blade with some zip. Its strong feeling, vibration, and control allow for consistency in all of your strokes and with a little more extra speed than your standard allround blade. This is a great choice for allround players of all levels looking to play a little more aggressively.

Lightweight 5-ply offensive blade - A perfect mix between speed and control that is unique to STIGA - A combination that creates optimum feel that all players desire

  • Number of layers: 5 ply wood
  • Type of blade: All Round +
  • Approximated weight: 82± g
  • Thickness: 5.3± mm
  • Grip : Master
  • Stiga-WRB-system