KOKUTAKU 100ml table tennis rubber cleaner

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KOKUTAKU table tennis rubber cleaner 100mls bottle

Cleaning agent table tennis rubber racquet set rubber maintenance cleaning agent cleaning solution KOKUTAKU

rubber cleaner will preserve the life time of your rubber and ensure you will get maximum spin from your rubbers. To clean your bat simply spray the rubbers and wipe clean with sponge and replace the rubber protectors. 100ml bottle
A rubber cleaner of the third generation. It is non-toxic cleaner that wipes away any dirt from the playing surface and also keeps the elasticity of the top sheet.
Usage :

  • shake the bottle first
  • 1 Spray on to the rubbers surface,
  • wait about 15 seconds,
  • wipe with sponge.
  • put on rubber protector sheets (recommended)
  • Category: Cleaning agent
  • 100 ml

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