TSP Glue Sheet, self Adhesive film glue sheet

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TSP Glue Sheet, self Adhesive film glue sheet

Glue Sheet without any volatile organic compound (VOC).

this is for 1 sheet only

The TSP Adhesive glue sheet is J.T.T.A.A approved and is from any VOC. 

The No Sponge / OX pips players should use glue sheet to attach the rubbers to the blade.

  • Adhesive sheet for gluing rubber to racket. 
  • Easy and bonds together quickly while stretching the rubber. 
  • Allows change to the strength of adhesion from blade to racket. 

Directions to use table tennis glue sheet:

Ideal for a first application of rubbers to the blade. 
Also suitable for pimple out rubber sheets without sponge.

peel off one side then stick it to the blade the peel off other side to stick the rubber on


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