Globe 783 Premade penhold with Globe 999 rubbers

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Globe 783 Premade penhold with Globe 999 rubbers with a case, Globe rubber 999 table tennis rubber , Chinese sponge Globe Whirlwind 783 7 Ply Blade

Strong power, good control, strong attack, suit for fact attack and loop drive in close to table and middle court. Controlled blade, good for blocking and medium strikes. 

Globe Whirl Wind 783 Wooden Ply.7 table tennis blade for racket ping-pong paddle

and rubbers pen hold c/pen

2.2mm thickness

The "Globe 999" sponge rubber retains the stickiness and superior spin of Chinese spin rubbers and also possesses the merits of extra speed and super control. according to experience of technical experts of the Chinese table tennis team, this newly developed Globe 999 sponge rubber is suitable for speed attack and loop drive players.

  • Speed: 9
  • Spin: 9
  • Control: 9

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Tianjin globe prize sports goods co., ltd, which produces &sells sports goods, ball equipment, kind of ping pang production (including: Blade rubber sponge and racket covering) and athlete equipment  and famous brands" globe