Donic Slice 40 CD rubber

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Donic Slice 40 cd rubber

Product information "DONIC Slice 40 CD"

Defensive players that utilise lots of backspin and controlled attackers that want to use heavy topspins.
Soft, with a good feel and extremely grippy.
Technology: Soft sponge, control-elastic and slightly tacky topsheet.

The SLICE rubbers are perfect for defensive players: These incredibly tacky rubbers allow players to hit the ball with maximum levels of backspin and while retaining excellent control. However, the DONIC SLICE 40 CD is also an option for spin-oriented allround and attacking players that want to play with control and maximum levels of spin.

Approval Code 21-048
control: 10
speed: 5-
spin: 10++
hardness: Soft
surface: control-elastic
DONIC-Technology: Classic Technology Rubbers