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Donic Glue Sheets- self Adhesive film glue sheet

The Donic Glue Sheet adheres the rubber sheet to the blade without the mess or fumes of liquid glue. Glue sheet measures 17 x 17.5cm. One glue sheet per order.

Donic recommends using these glue sheets only on lacquered blades.

Not recommend to use glue sheets for rubber with sponge. Glue sheets are best used for rubbers that have no sponge. For example, some of the long pips rubbers with no sponge are most easily adhered with glue sheets. For rubbers with sponge, Paddle Palace recommends liquid glue for best results.

1. Affix the side covered with plain paper to the blade, and trim.
2. Remove the printed cover paper.
3. Affix the rubber by gently pressing it against the blade.
4. When removing the rubber (when replacing it), pull off the glue sheet together with the rubber.