Dawei 388B-1 spin short pimple rubber

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Dawei 388B-1 short pimple Table Tennis Rubber
The features of Dawei Table Tennis Bats with 388B Pips Out Rubber : High elasticity and speed, has some friction, can make a spinning ball. Suitable for our traditional attacking of close to table and block on backhand and forehand attack.
Dawei 388B-1 Table Tennis Short Pimple Rubber
High elasticity and speed, this rubber is able to generate spinning ball with its high friction.
Suitable for traditional attacking, close to table with backhand block and forehand attack. Good for pushing and block. can also spin.
Made in China not ittf approved but fun in the garage

Rubber properties 
Thickness 2.15 sponge
Speed: 91
Control: 85
Effect: 75
Type : Pimples Out Rubber

Dawei 388B-1 Table Tennis Rubber (Short Pimple) ping pong
Pimples Out Dawei 388B-1 Table Tennis Rubber Dawei Ping Pong Professional Rubber