Dawei 08 rubber

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Dawei 08 table tennis rubber

Dawei 08 Table Tennis Pips-In Rubber With Sponge
great spin for the price
This is a new rubber designed for fast attacker / looper. It is best used as a forehand rubber. It creates low and long arc.
As both the rubber surface and the sponge are flexible and highly resilient, it catches and absorb the oncoming ball and catapults it back with your own speed and spin. This process is very stable and produces extra control as well
purple sponge on the red rubber
Rubber colour: black or red
Sponge thickness: 2.1mm

Dawei 08 Pips-in Table Tennis Ping Pong Rubber With Sponge David

DAWEI Dawei 08 purple sponge table tennis rubber