Butterfly feint 3 long pimple

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Butterfly feint long 111 table tennis rubber
Butterfly feint 3 long pimple
Long Pimpled Rubber with Amazing Variety of Spins
Is proud to announce a totally new defensive weapon, Feint Long III. Designed for the aggressive chopper, Feint Long III features a softer more flexible top sheet combined with a softer sponge. The result is a long pip rubber ideal for long range heavy chopping strokes with maximum control.
available in 1.1 and .5 only

Class: Long Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Speed: 60
Spin: 40
Density: 25

Lp Long pips pips out Japan Rubber Pimples butterfly product code 00320 feint long111 long3 Rodney fient