Butterfly Feint Long 2 pimples rubber

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Butterfly Feint Long II table tennis rubber
Butterfly Feint Long 2 pimples table tennis rubber
The effect of long pips-out rubbers is maximized when the pips are easily bent & deformed.
The thinner & taller the pips, the more effective.
The aspect ratio (the length of the pips divided by the width of its top) of Feint Long II has reached the limits of the ITTF rule.
Long pimples with maximum effect
Good for close to the table defense and block
Used by Joo Se Hyuk, Matthew Syed, Koji Matsushita, Ntaniel Tsiokas and many other leading defensive players.

Class: Long Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Speed: 6.25
Spin: 3.25
Density: 38

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