Yinhe T-2 Carbon Blade

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Yinhe T-2 Carbon table tennis Blade

The T-2 is a light, thin, fast carbon blade. This blade excels at the style of fast blocking and close to table drives.
When looking at the side of this blade (see the photos) the outer two wood plys (Cypress) are very thin with a carbon ply each and a nice ~5mm thick center ply. This causes a crisp fast hit with a bit less dwell than an all wood blade, hence the fast blocks and drives.
The blade is good for all kinds of playing methods. made by blade-make expert Mr. Han Guohua , learned strong points form European and Asian famous blades , meticulously . Strictly treated with high temperature and hi-tech. It's has characteristics of strong power and easy to control . It can produce both strong spin and powerful attack .

Strategy : Offensive
Speed: 10+
control: 7
Plies : 3 (Wood)+2(Carbon)
Weight : 76+/-3 g
Head Thickness : 6.4 +/-0.2mm
Handle: Flared

Galaxy / Milky Way / Yinhe T-2 (T 2, T2) 3 Wood + 2 Carbon Attack+Loop Table Tennis Blade for Ping Pong Racket, Long(shake hand)-FL
Yinhe milky-way galaxy Yinhe produce all kind of table tennis equipment, including balls, bat covers, rucksacks, clothes and shoes, tables and nets. Blades (Bat without rubber) SH ping pong Rodney Blades (Bat without rubber) shake hand